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JOMCHANG: an exclusive home

Few, if any, development sites in the world match Jomchang. A secluded headland on the west coast of Phuket, an almost forgotten stretch of the most beautiful coastline Phuket has to offer has been opened up by a new road – and Jomchang’s developers got to it first.

Jomchang offers superb views across Patong Bay and out to the Andaman Sea and – thanks to the new road – is within easy reach of all the facilities that Phuket’s vibrant West coast offers. Yet, due to its former lack of road access, and the fact that the main coastal road swings inland between Patong and Kamala, it has been protected from the tourism development that has been the keynote of Phuket’s West coast. This little-known stretch of coastline, with its sandy coves, dramatic cliffs, tropical forest, picturesque hills and crystal waters is one of the Phuket’s best-kept secrets

An exclusive development of just eleven villas means that only a select few people with vision – and the wherewithal to realise that vision – have the opportunity to experience the essence of life in the tropics. A piece of real estate with an almost infinite variety in its topography and vegetation, Jomchang comprises steep cliffs, gentle plateaux and spectacular views, presenting a unique challenge to its design team – and a unique opportunity to its future residents to enjoy a lifestyle few will ever know.

Accessed by the new paved road branching anonymously off the main coast road, Jomchang occupies a wonderfully secluded position off the beaten track. The developers’ dream was to turn this challenging site into the answer to small number of big dreams. They succeeded.

Jomchang is a development that doesn’t just pay lip service to the concept of fitting in with the environment, but one that achieves it – and more. The architectural term is ‘organic design’ – design that grows out of site conditions. Design that responds to, rather than works against, the topographically complex and varied site. It means working with, not against, the natural features of the location. Imagine a design process that takes six months to analyse every single rock, every tree, every feature of the topography – one with huge variations – and you start to appreciate what Jomchang is all about.

Every villa at Jomchang is different. Every villa at Jomchang is about space, living space within – and empty space around. Where another developer might have easily fitted in two more luxury homes and still claimed adequate separation, Jomchang’s planners have left open space – a shared wooded parkland that ensures nobody overlooks his neighbour. This means seclusion, privacy.

Most of the homes will be completely invisible from their neighbours, yet all have almost unbelievable views out. By combining the complex natural landscape with carefully considered, imaginative, and expert design, some homes are placed in dramatic settings, others on gently sloping plateaux. This approach to design has shielded each villa from its neighbours and yielded a visual density even lower than the numbers suggest.

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